Texas Counties Deliver
9-1-1 Addressing Services
Daundi Boren
9-1-1 Coordinator 
P. O. Box 808
Centerville, TX 75833
Phone: 903-536-3158 / 903-536-4407
Fax:  903-536-1021
Email: Daundi.Boren@co.leon.tx.us


911 Address Request Form   - Please email or fax completed application


The 911 Address request form may be submitted by email to daundi.boren@co.leon.tx.us or in our office. (All other order forms must be submitted through our office located at 155 N. Cass St, Centerville, Tx 75833, 3rd Floor)

911 Home Address Sign Request Form 

Leon County Map Order Form


Reverse 911
Any county residents who would like to be added to the reverse 911 contact list, please click the CODERED link below:

Code Red