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Online Jury Response &  Exemption


Request For Permanent Excuse from Jury Duty


87th, 278th & 369th DISTRICT COURTS

Please complete the questionnaire on your jury summons card and bring the entire card with you when you report.

This webpage and the District Court Jury Pool Line (903-536-5058) will be updated with the status of jury duty as soon as possible.  Sometimes this may not be until after 5:30 pm the night before jury date.  Please keep checking back for status updates.

JP 1 - Judge Jeff Carr
Located at 928 E. Commerce Street in Buffalo

County Court - Judge Ryder

Before you report, please call 903-536-5766 on the evening before the jury date for recorded jury instructions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How was I selected? 
A. You were selected at random from a list of voter registrations and a list of driver registrations from the county in which you live. 

Q. What are the different types of cases? 
A. Criminal and Civil

Q. Will I be paid for being a juror? 
A. Yes. You will be paid $6 for appearing for jury selection. You will be paid $40 for each day starting the second day if you are chosen to be on a jury. 

Q. Must my employer pay me while I am on jury duty? 
A. Your employer is not required to pay you while on jury duty: however, employers are prohibited by law from firing an employee for serving as a juror. 

The right to trial by jury is the foundation of our American justice system. We, the people, decide. Report for jury service.  
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