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Donna Golden, REO

TAEA Registered Election Official
155 N. Cass Street
P. O. Box 1239
Centerville, TX 75833
Phone: 903-536-4469
Fax:     903-536-1773


Monday thru Friday
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. -  5:00 p.m.


    03/03/20 Republican & Democratic Primary Election:

                                  Sample Ballots:

                    Voter Registration Cards Show - Find Your Voting Precincts

                Democratic:                              Republican:

                Voting Precincts #1-7                                  Voting Precincts #1-7

               Voting Precincts #8-14A                             Voting Precincts #8-14A


            Early Voting & Election Day Dates for all of 2020


             02/18-02/28/20 Early Voting Hours/Location


Early Voting & Election Day Polling Locations & Voting Information


Democratic Voter Turnout by Day:

Cumulative AV & EV 02/18/2020    02/19/20    02/20/20    02/21/20

02/24/20   02/25/20   02/26/20   02/27/20

Republican Voter Turnout by Day:

Cumulative AV & EV 02/18/2020    02/19/20    02/20/20    02/21/20

02/24/20   02/25/20   02/26/20   02/27/20


03/03/20 Public Notice of Election School

03/03/20 Public Notice of Test of Automatic Tabulating Equipment

Who Represents Me?

Voting Precincts Map

ID Required for Texas Voters - English
ID Required for Texas Voters - Spanish

Voters with Disabilities


Link to Secretary of State – Elections Division



2019 Elections:

11/05/19 State of Texas Election Results Portal

11/05/19 Leon County Constitutional Amendment Unofficial Results

11/05/19 Leon County Notice of Partial Manual Count



The election administrator acts as the county voter registrar whose responsibilities
include accepting applications for voter registration, issuing voter certificates,
maintaining voter registration lists, verifying petitions for local option elections and
submitting required reports to the Texas Secretary of State's Office.
The election administrator administers all the county and state elections.
The election administrator may contract with local political subdivisions,
such as cities and schools, to conduct their limited elections. The election
administrator conducts early voting and, at the party’s request, may contract
to conduct the primary and primary runoff elections. The election administrator
oversees the uniform general election.
*Assigns election responsibilities
*Prepares submissions to the US Department of Justice
*Arranges polling locations
*Prepares ballot layouts and orders ballots
*Programs election equipment
*Hires election personnel
*Conducts election schools for precinct election judges
*Tracks early voting ballots by mail and in person
*Organizes/distributes voting supplies
*Delivers election supplies/equipment to judges
*Reports/distributes election night results
*Assists in canvassing election
*Maintains election records retention

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