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You must report for jury service unless you: (1) claim an exemption; (2) are disqualified; or (3) choose to postpone your service. You may either fill in the form below OR circle the exemption on the card and mail the card back.

To claim an Exemption: Check the box(s) below that apply to you.

If you are Disqualified: Check the box(s) below that apply to you.

You may only postpone or reschedule your service one time a year, under certain circumstances. If you have already been rescheduled once you will need to submit a letter of request for the reason why you need to reschedule a second time, it should be emailed to leoncountyjury@co.leon.tx.us, it will then be forwarded to the Judge for consideration.  Failing to appear for jury service is subject to a contempt of court action punishable by a fine.

To request rescheduling of your jury summons, you may submit the request online from the Online Jury Response Form below.

To file a permanent exemption for a medical or physical impairment you may download the form provided and mail it by following the instructions noted on the Affidavit for Exemption from Jury Duty for Physical or Mental Impairment.

If you have any questions, please contact the District Clerk's Jury Coordinator office at 903-536-2227 or email at leoncountydistrictclerk@co.leon.tx.us

Juror Name:
Juror Summons Number
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Date of birth:
Date to Appear: (as indicated on your letter)

Disqualifications: Please select any that apply to you. You may choose more that one if necessary.

Exemptions: Please select any that apply to you. You may choose more that one if necessary. Please note that you are not required to claim an exemption. You may waive your exemption and choose to serve.

Comments Heading If there is any other reason that you believe requires you to be excused from jury service, please explain. Please bear in mind that business excuses are not valid excuses:

  1. I do solemnly swear that I understand these Terms and Conditions: that I am the person named above; and that all information submitted is true and correct.
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