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Recording a Document

Requirements for Recording Documents in our County

  • WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS and cannot give any legal advice on what should be filed. We also are not permitted to prepare any documents for filing, per Government Code 81.101.
  • Documents received after 4 p.m. will be filed the next business day.
  • This office does not accept faxed copies.
  • Per LGC 193.012, the County Clerk SHALL return the original instrument to the person who filed it. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Documents are filed and recorded in a safe and permanent manner, and an index is provided so records may be easily retrieved.
  • The large Tobin maps and all images on the public stations are proprietary; photography of these images is forbidden.
  • Your document must be the original or a certified copy per Property Code 12.001 and 12.011. Probate records from other states must be an EXEMPLIFIED or an AUTHENTICATED copy, per Estates Code 501.002(c).
  • Per Gov. Code 552.115, we cannot record birth certificates until the record is 75 years old; we cannot record death certificates until the record is 25 years old. 
  • A page is considered to be one side of a sheet of paper and may be no longer than 8 ½ x 14, per 191.007 (B) of the Local Government Code.
  • Letters Testamentary are not recorded in our Official Records, per AG Opinion JH-410.
  • We cannot file an original, unprobated will by itself, per AG Opinion M-511.
  • There must be a title at the top of the document, per 191.007 (C) of the Local Government Code.
  • An Abstract of Judgment plaintiff’s address must be listed, per Property Code 52.0041.
  • Deeds conveying property to a new owner must have a grantee’s address listed per Property Code 11.003.
  • Deeds conveying property MUST be in English, per Property Code 11.002.
  • Printing, typing and handwriting must be clearly legible, per 191.007 (D) of the Local Government Code.
  • Names must be printed under all signatures, per 191.007 (E) of the Local Government Code.
  • The property must be located in Leon County.
  • Per Local Government Code 193.003 (b), the clerk MUST provide an index for both Grantor and Grantees, therefore, both the DIRECT and INDIRECT party names MUST be on each document.
  • All documents must have a proper and complete original notary acknowledgement, per Property Code Sec. 12.001(b)
  • All documents must have a return address listed on the bottom or back.
  • A margin of at least one inch at the top left of each page is deeply appreciated.
  • Per Property Code 11.008(f), instruments are not required to have a social security number or a driver license number. 
  • The recording fee is $16 for the first page, and $4 for each additional page per instrument, as of Oct. 1, 2018. If there are more than 5 names to be indexed, there will be a fee of $.25 per name starting from the 6th name forward.

Redacting SSN from our official records

Click here to download and print the form to request the redaction of a SSN from each document.