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The 88th Legislature passed HB 2626, which requires all political subdivisions to post all campaign finance reports filed on or after September 1, 2023.  The political subdivision may redact the address (other than city, state, zip code) of any contributor before posting the report on its website.  The full address must remain available at the political subdivision's office.

2023 Campaign Finance Reports:

Mr. Kyle Workman

2024 Campaign Finance Reports:

Mr. James Simpson

Mr. Charlie Shafer

  2 - Mr. Charlie Shafer

Ms. Victoria Willis

  2 - Ms. Victoria Willis

Mr. Glenn Hightower

Mr. Terry Thurman

  2 - Mr. Terry Thurman

Mr. Gregory Nichols

  2 - Mr. Gregory Nichols

Mr. Kyle Workman

  2 - Mr. Kyle Workman

Ms. Kendal Workman

  2 - Ms. Kendal Workman

Mr. John Franks

Mr. Joey Sullivan